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The Marcella Royal Hotel - Rooftop Garden was originally opened in 1967 by its founder Marcella Angelini. It was the period of Fellini’s Dolce Vita, when in the nearby Via Veneto, one of the most famous and elegant streets in the world, the stars of world cinema could be seen. Amongst the exclusive hotels and cafes you could find numerous Hollywood stars, such as Anita Ekberg, Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot and Maria Callas to name but a few, all of whom were immortalised by the prying paparazzi, who were always ready to steal that precious picture.

Mrs Marcella, with her 50 years of experience, is the archetype of successful hotel owners in our country: with her meticulous attention to detail, she and the hotel staff ensure that all guests are top priority and are well looked after. The class, elegance and attention to detail, as well as the choice of quality materials and luxury furnishing, were Signora Marcella’s style from the beginning. In fact, so much so that she received First Prize of the Provincial Tourist Board of Rome in its very first competition for her contribution to the improvement of quality and facilities within the hotel sector. A quality that today is still a distinctive character of our hotel. With her constant presence and great care, Signora Marcella has succeeded in giving life to her dream; that of transforming a small ‘pensione’ into an exclusive hotel with a renowned name.

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